How We’re Different

Accepting only former honorably discharged military personnel, the emphasis here is on meeting challenges, not relaxing. AT the PVCH, nothing is given but rather earned. Adhering to a rank structure and duty roster, we seek to re-instill discipline and a proper bearing to those who, when on active duty, were once sharp as razors. We then take that military sense of devotion to duty and seek to redirect it to the civilian challenges of a steady job and independent living.

This program provides the necessary mean to earning their way into this very elite platoon of people regrouping to fight life’s battles another day.
But this time, with better weapons.

If you want to be challenged in an atmosphere of camaraderie and devotion to mission, and you want to work very hard to put your life back together, we may be just the place that puts you on a path to surviving and succeeding in today’s world. This supportive family-style environment can be the foundation for restarting a veteran’s life and opening the doors to all opportunities available.

That is our mission and we are proud of it.