Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. We give homeless veterans a chance to start over and become productive members of society. Utilizing military tools, we seek to restore self-confidence in their pursuit of the civilian goals of employment and securing permanent housing. Our program, however, is so much more. Emphasizing the camaraderie that is ever-present among the veteran population, we have established the home base and family support structure that so many of the veterans we serve, yearn for. Our mission is to be the foundation on which our veterans can begin to rebuild and maintain a support for their futures ahead.

PVCH missions like Operation Airdrop, Operation Able Assist and our Holiday Open House program support homeless veterans across the community. Furthermore, we maintain our relationship with all members of our PVCH family and take great pride in the legacy that remains. We host our past veterans throughout the year for everything from a meal or just social gathering to our hosted events. We are proud of what we do here and we encourage you to join us in helping those who have served America to rewrite their futures.