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Beginning in 1994, members of the US military veterans community in the Philadelphia area had an idea. Inspired by the success and humanitarian mission of the Ronald McDonald House, they proposed a place where vets, currently commuting daily between the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and their homes across Pennsylvania, could live comfortably and have meals during weekdays, free of charge.

It was a helping hand from veterans to other veterans, a gift to and from family.

Representatives from groups across the community spectrum including the veterans service organizations, labor unions, government and the private sector joined forces to buy the building, renovate the structure and purchase the needed materials to make their idea a reality. After much hard work, the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House (PVCH) was born.

Working with the VAMC and the community, the PVCH over fifteen years helped countless veterans and their families make their time here restful and free of the burden of a daily commute. However, over time the PVCH realized they could do more for veterans and decided to tackle the issue of veteran homelessness.

In January 2012, working with the VAMC's social work staff, the PVCH welcomed its first homeless guests and continues to offer that service to veterans seeking to rebuild their lives. With sixteen beds, two and a half baths, a modern kitchen, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, central heat and air, cable television, room refrigerators for drinks, and a dayroom, it is well suited to that mission.

From its beginnings in 1994 to today, The PVCH's mission remains the same: to ensure that none of our brothers and sisters are left behind as we work day by day to make their lives more rewarding and less complicated. This is a mission we are proud to accomplish.


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