After 22 years, the Philadelphia Veterans House is getting a makeover! Transitioning from our original model in hospice and health care, we provide housing to our homeless veterans right here in Philadelphia. Offering a place to call home, we have the opportunity to welcome back all our veterans who have so selflessly served our nation. It is for that reason, that we believe that their home should be the best that it can be.
Located in University City, Philadelphia, we are within walking distance to the Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center providing all the conveinences available to assist in the rebuilding of our veterans lives. A historical house, we are faced with the need to revamp and improve our facility.
For the past 22 years over a thousand veterans have walked through our doors seeking a roof over their head and in need of help.The quantity of homeless veterans that have called PVH their home over the years has caused significant wear and tear in the house. PVH is asking our community for support to help keep the house feel like a home to those who have served our country. We have outlined the following projects as a way to restore it to a place that our veterans are proud to call “home.”
Projects hoped to be accomplished:
  • Painting throughout the house with minor repairs done to the original plaster walls (Each of the bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas)
  • Construction of built-in closet units for storage in each room
  • Refinishing and resoration of hardwood floors throughout the house
  • Replacement of kitchen flooring
The Philadelphia Veterans House was created by a veteran coalition in Philadelphia back in 1994 with the intent to offer a helping hand to other veterans. With emphasis on the comraderie between veterans, we are faced with an opportunity to offer that help and show them that they are not forgotten. We are a family here at the Philadelphia Veterans House and we would like to invite you to join in support of our homeless veterans of the United States Armed Forces as we “Welcome Them Home!”
All donations are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) non-profit guidelines.
Please show your support by donating today and sharing with your friends and family! We thank you in advance for your dedication and support of our veterans!
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